SCMD Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Morphological Database
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You can select all menus described below from the above drop-down menu bar.
  • Yeast Mutant
      Display a list of yeast mutants available in SCMD.
  • Photo Viewer
      Display micrographs of yeast mutants stained with ConA, DAPI and Rh-Ph.

  • Morphology Search
      By inputting or selecting cell chapes displayed in dialogue, search yeast mutants that are similar in shapes.
  • ORF Parameter Datasheet
      Show descriptions of ORF parameters and their datasheet sorted by values.
  • Average Shapes
      Display average shapes of mutants grouped by morphological conditions
  • 2D Plot
      Plot pairs of two morphological parameters of all yeast mutants on a two dimensional plane.

  • My Gene List
      By selecting genes in this page, positions of these genes are shown in the teardrop view and the 2D plot display. Inputted data can be saved and loaded with an XML format.