SCMD Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Morphological Database
CalMorph is a program that outputs a large amount of data on cell cycle phase, cell forms, etc., for individual cells, from a set of pictures of cell walls, cell nuclei, and actins.
  • CalMorph User Manual describes basic usage of CalMorph, all the parameters generated by CalMorph and our experimental protocols.
On Windows On Mac OS X
Quick Usage
  1. Set up Java Language if you need (already installed in most computers)
  2. Download CalMorph.jar and files
  3. Extract which contains folder named his3 and 57 photos
  4. Double click CalMorph.jar icon (both windows and mac), and you can see the CalMorph window
  5. Click "Select" button, and choose your "his3" folder
  6. Click "Run" button on the bottom of CalMorph
  7. Wait and watch the status line close to run button
  8. You will see "Finish" in the status line when CalMorph is finished.
  9. The data folder in your directory contains the result
    • "data/cell": analyzed images and parameters about individual cells
    • "data/stage": statistical values about each orf
Miwaka Ohtani, Hiroshi Sawai, Taro L. Saito, and Jun Sese
Miwaka Ohtani, Hiroshi Sawai, Taro L. Saito, Jun Sese, Masashi Yukawa, Fumi Sano, Yoshikazu Ohya, and Shinich Morishita
Hiroshi Sawai, Masashi Yukawa, Fumi Sano, Satoru Nogami, Jun Sese, Yoshikazu Ohya, and Shinichi Morishita