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Parameter Name:DCV177_C
Stain Type:Nucleus
Nucleus Status:C
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:nucleus diameter in bud
Definition:nucleus diameter in bud
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ORF Std. Name DCV177_C
YNL281w HCH1 0.117
Heat shock protein regulator that binds to Hsp90p and may stimulate ATPase activity; originally identified as a high-copy number suppressor of a HSP90 loss-of-function mutation; GFP-fusion protein localizes to the cytoplasm and nucleus
YFL048c EMP47 0.117
47 kDa type I transmembrane protein localized to the Golgi
YER121w 0.117
Hypothetical ORF
YGR137w 0.117
Hypothetical ORF
YKL185w ASH1 0.117
Zinc-finger inhibitor of HO transcription; mRNA is localized and translated in the distal tip of anaphase cells, resulting in accumulation of Ash1p in daughter cell nuclei and inhibition of HO expression; potential Cdc28p substrate
YBL101c ECM21 0.117
Non-essential protein of unknown function; promoter contains several Gcn4p binding elements
YOL053c-A 0.118
This ORF is a part of YOL052C-A
YCR046c IMG1 0.118
mitochondrial ribosomal protein
YDL125c HNT1 0.118
Adenosine 5'-monophosphoramidase; interacts physically and genetically with Kin28p, a CDK and TFIIK subunit, and genetically with CAK1; member of the histidine triad (HIT) superfamily of nucleotide-binding proteins and similar to Hint
YMR228w MTF1 0.118
mitochondrial RNA polymerase specificity factor
YDR379w RGA2 0.118
Rho-GTPase Activating Protein
YGR287c 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YGR126w 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YHL034c SBP1 0.118
single stranded nucleic acid binding protein
YFR047c BNA6 0.118
Quinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase, required for biosynthesis of nicotinic acid from tryptophan via kynurenine pathway
YBR177c EHT1 0.118
alcohol acyl transferase
YDR306c 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YBL052c SAS3 0.118
SAS3 for Something about silencing, gene 3. Influences silencing at HMR.
YDR146c SWI5 0.118
transcriptional activator
YFR036w CDC26 0.118
Subunit of the Anaphase-Promoting Complex/Cyclosome (APC/C), which is a ubiquitin-protein ligase required for degradation of anaphase inhibitors, including mitotic cyclins, during the metaphase/anaphase transition
YPL001w HAT1 0.118
histone acetyltransferase
YNL203c 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YML100w TSL1 0.118
similar to TPS3 gene product|trehalose-6-phosphate synthase/phosphatase complex 123 kDa regulatory subunit
YGR279c SCW4 0.118
soluble cell wall protein
YJL161w 0.118
The authentic, non-tagged protein was localized to the mitochondria
YNL289w PCL1 0.118
G1 cyclin|associates with PHO85
YDR099w BMH2 0.118
14-3-3 protein, minor isoform: binds proteins and DNA, involved in regulation of many processes including exocytosis and vesicle transport, Ras/MAPK signaling during pseudohyphal development, rapamycin-sensitive signaling, and others
YLR236c 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YKR096w 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YDR333c 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YNL300w 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YOR284w HUA2 0.118
Cytoplasmic protein of unknown function; computational analysis of large-scale protein-protein interaction data suggests a possible role in actin patch assembly
YML038c YMD8 0.118
similar to vanadate resistance protein Gog5
YNL268w LYP1 0.118
lysine permease
YNL303w 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YNL008c ASI3 0.118
Putative integral membrane E3 ubiquitin ligase; genetic interactions suggest a role in negative regulation of amino acid uptake
YJR084w CSN12 0.118
COP9 signalosome (CSN) subunit
YMR251w-A HOR7 0.118
Protein of unknown function; transcription is induced in response to hyperosmotic stress and repressed by alpha factor
YPL213w LEA1 0.118
Component of U2 snRNP; disruption causes reduced U2 snRNP levels; physically interacts with Msl1p; putative homolog of human U2A' snRNP protein
YLR333c RPS25B 0.118
ribosomal protein S25B (S31B) (rp45) (YS23)
YNR032c-A HUB1 0.118
ubiquitin-like modifier
YIR028w DAL4 0.118
allantoin permease
YEL018w EAF5 0.118
Esa1p-associated factor, subunit of the NuA4 acetyltransferase complex
YDR453c TSA2 0.118
Thioredoxin-peroxidase, reduces H2O2 and alkyl hydroperoxides with the use of hydrogens provided by thioredoxin, thioredoxin reductase, and NADPH: provides protection against oxidation systems that generate reactive oxygen and sulfur species
YNL177c MRPL22 0.118
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YGR101w PCP1 0.118
rhomboid protease
YKL077w 0.118
Hypothetical ORF
YMR012w CLU1 0.118
Sometimes copurifies with translation initiation factor eIF3, but apparently not required for translation initiation
YNL160w YGP1 0.119
gp37, a glycoprotein synthesized in response to nutrient limitation which is homologous to the sporulation-specific SPS100 gene
YNL304w YPT11 0.119
acts positively on mitochondrial distribution toward the bud.
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