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Parameter Name:CCV103_A1B
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A1B
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Long axis length of mother cell on nucleus A1B
Definition:Long axis length of mother cell on nucleus A1B
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ORF Std. Name CCV103_A1B
YJL155c FBP26 0.0631
YMR276w DSK2 0.0631
ubiquitin-like protein
YLR095c IOC2 0.0631
Member of a complex (Isw1b) with Isw1p and Ioc4p that exhibits nucleosome-stimulated ATPase activity and acts within coding regions to coordinate transcription elongation with termination and processing, contains a PHD finger motif
YBR168w PEX32 0.0631
Peroxisomal integral membrane protein, involved in negative regulation of peroxisome size; partially functionally redundant with Pex31p; genetic interactions suggest action at a step downstream of steps mediated by Pex28p and Pex29p
YNL299w TRF5 0.0631
DNA polymerase sigma
YLR068w FYV7 0.0631
Protein of unknown function, required for survival upon exposure to K1 killer toxin; involved in processing the 35S rRNA primary transcript to generate the 20S and 27SA2 pre-rRNA transcripts
YBR291c CTP1 0.0631
citrate tranporter
YLR004c 0.0632
Hypothetical ORF
YMR311c GLC8 0.0632
protein phosphatase 1 (Glc7p) regulator
YMR077c VPS20 0.0632
vaculolar protein sorting (putative)
YOL103w ITR2 0.0632
Myo-inositol transporter with strong similarity to the major myo-inositol transporter Itr1p, member of the sugar transporter superfamily: expressed constitutively
YIL025c 0.0632
Hypothetical ORF
YGL053w PRM8 0.0632
Pheromone-regulated protein with 2 predicted transmembrane segments and an FF sequence, a motif involved in COPII binding; forms a complex with Prp9p in the ER
YLL051c FRE6 0.0632
Putative ferric reductase with similarity to Fre2p; expression induced by low iron levels
YPR028w YOP1 0.0633
Protein that regulates vesicular traffic in stressed cells either to facilitate membrane turnover or to decrease unnecessary secretion
YPR030w CSR2 0.0633
Nuclear protein with a potential regulatory role in utilization of galactose and nonfermentable carbon sources; overproduction suppresses the lethality at high temperature of a chs5 spa2 double null mutation; potential Cdc28p substrate
YFR032c-A RPL29 0.0633
ribosomal protein L29 (YL43)
YNL265c IST1 0.0633
Putative translation initiation factor, as suggested by computational analysis of large-scale protein-protein interaction data
YMR007w 0.0633
Hypothetical ORF
YHR092c HXT4 0.0633
high affinity glucose transporter
YMR102c 0.0633
Protein of unknown function, transcription is activated by paralogous transcription factors Yrm1p and Yrr1p along with genes involved in multidrug resistance
YDR174w HMO1 0.0633
high mobility group (HMG) family
YDR400w URH1 0.0633
uridine nucleosidase (uridine ribohydrolase); EC
YLR382c NAM2 0.0633
Mitochondrial leucyl-tRNA synthetase, also has a direct role in splicing of several mitochondrial group I introns: indirectly required for mitochondrial genome maintenance
YJL045w 0.0633
Similar to SDH1
YIL123w SIM1 0.0633
(putative) invovled in control of DNA replication
YER057c HMF1 0.0633
Member of the p14.5 protein family with similarity to Mmf1p, functionally complements Mmf1p function when targeted to mitochondria: heat shock inducible: high-dosage growth inhibitor: forms a homotrimer in vitro
YLR019w PSR2 0.0634
Plasma membrane Sodium Response 2
YGL165c 0.0634
Hypothetical ORF
YBR169c SSE2 0.0634
HSP70 family|SSE1 homolog
YOR337w TEA1 0.0634
Mutants are defective in Ty1 Enhancer-mediated Activation
YCR068w ATG15 0.0634
Lipase, required for intravacuolar lysis of autophagic bodies: located in the endoplasmic reticulum membrane and targeted to intravacuolar vesicles during autophagy via the multivesicular body (MVB) pathway
YLR176c RFX1 0.0634
DNA binding protein, homologous to a family of mammalian RFX1-4 proteins which have a novel highly conserved DNA binding domain
YCR067c SED4 0.0634
Sed4p is an integral ER membrane protein, which, along along with its close homolog, Sec12p, is involved in vesicle formation at the ER
YER135c 0.0634
Hypothetical ORF
YBR132c AGP2 0.0634
plasma membrane carnitine transporter
YJL166w QCR8 0.0634
Ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase subunit 8 (11 kDa protein)
YJL092w HPR5 0.0634
DNA helicase and DNA-dependent ATPase involved in DNA repair, required for proper timing of commitment to meiotic recombination and the transition from Meiosis I to Meiosis II: potential Cdc28p substrate
YML071c COG8 0.0634
Component of the conserved oligomeric Golgi complex, dependent on RIC1
YML088w UFO1 0.0635
F-box protein
YOL042w NGL1 0.0635
RNase (putative)|DNase (putative)
YGL124c MON1 0.0635
Protein required for fusion of cvt-vesicles and autophagosomes with the vacuole: associates, as a complex with Ccz1p, with a perivacuolar compartment: potential Cdc28p substrate
YBR245c ISW1 0.0635
Member of the imitation-switch (ISWI) class of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes: ATPase that forms a complex with Ioc2p and Ioc4p to regulate transcription elongation, and a complex with Ioc3p to repress transcription initiation
YIR020w-B 0.0635
This ORF is a part of YIR020W-A
YDR175c RSM24 0.0635
mitochondrial ribosome small subunit component
YDL167c NRP1 0.0635
Protein of unknown function, rich in asparagine residues
YPL185w 0.0635
Hypothetical ORF
YOL106w 0.0635
Hypothetical ORF
YIL069c RPS24B 0.0635
ribosomal protein S24B
YMR084w 0.0635
Hypothetical ORF
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