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Parameter Name:C117_C
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:C
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Ratio of the countour length on nucleus C
Definition:Ratio of the countour length on nucleus C
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ORF Std. Name C117_C
YOR190w SPR1 0.716
exo-1,3-beta-glucanase, sporulation-specific
YOL086c ADH1 0.716
alcohol dehydrogenase
YBR200w BEM1 0.716
Protein containing SH3-domains, involved in establishing cell polarity and morphogenesis: functions as a scaffold protein for complexes that include Cdc24p, Ste5p, Ste20p, and Rsr1p
YMR161w HLJ1 0.716
Tail-anchored ER membrane protein of unknown function, similar to the E. coli DnaJ protein
YDL067c COX9 0.716
cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIIa
YJR152w DAL5 0.716
Allantoin permease: ureidosuccinate permease: expression is constitutive but sensitive to nitrogen catabolite repression
YOR327c SNC2 0.717
vesicle-associated membrane protein (synaptobrevin) homolog
YGL003c CDH1 0.717
CDC20 homolog 1: protein required for Clb2 and Ase1 degradation
YLR319c BUD6 0.717
Actin- and formin-interacting protein, involved in actin cable nucleation and polarized cell growth: isolated as bipolar budding mutant: potential Cdc28p substrate
YOR216c RUD3 0.717
Novel matrix protein that is involved in the structural organization of the cis-Golgi. Relieves uso1-1 transport defect; golgin-160 related protein.
YGL254w FZF1 0.717
Transcription factor involved in sulfite metabolism, sole identified regulatory target is SSU1, overexpression suppresses sulfite-sensitivity of many unrelated mutants due to hyperactivation of SSU1, contains five zinc fingers
YDL019c OSH2 0.717
Member of an oxysterol-binding protein family with seven members in S. cerevisiae; family members have overlapping, redundant functions in sterol metabolism and collectively perform a function essential for viability
YML026c RPS18B 0.717
ribosomal protein S18B
YNL079c TPM1 0.717
Tropomyosin isoform 1, major isoform of tropomyosin: actin-binding protein that stabilizes actin filaments: required for the formation and stability of actin cables in vivo which direct polarized cell growth and the distribution of several organelles
YPR001w CIT3 0.718
citrate synthase
YML004c GLO1 0.718
lactoylglutathione lyase (glyoxalase I)
YMR283c RIT1 0.718
initiator methionine tRNA 2'-O-ribosyl phosphate transferase
YML022w APT1 0.718
adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
YDL142c CRD1 0.718
cardiolipin synthase
YMR022w QRI8 0.718
Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, involved in the ER-associated protein degradation pathway: requires Cue1p for recruitment to the ER membrane: proposed to be involved in chromatin assembly
YPL069c BTS1 0.718
geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase|EC
YJR129c 0.719
Putative S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase of the seven beta-strand family
YOR312c RPL20B 0.719
Protein component of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, nearly identical to Rpl20Ap and has similarity to rat L18a ribosomal protein
YML019w OST6 0.719
N-oligosaccharyltransferase complex 37kDa subunit (putative)
YMR074c 0.719
Hypothetical ORF
YDL022w GPD1 0.719
NAD-dependent glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, key enzyme of glycerol synthesis, essential for growth under osmotic stress: expression regulated by high-osmolarity glycerol response pathway: homolog of Gpd2p
YHR021c RPS27B 0.719
ribosomal protein S27B (rp61) (YS20)
YBR266c 0.719
Hypothetical ORF
YPR191w QCR2 0.719
40 kDa ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase core protein 2
YMR040w 0.719
homolog of mammalian BAP31
YHL030w ECM29 0.719
Major component of the proteasome; tethers the proteasome core particle to the regulatory particle, and enhances the stability of the proteasome
YGR233c PHO81 0.719
Cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitor, regulates Pho80p-Pho85p and Pcl7p-Pho85p cyclin-CDK complexes in response to phosphate levels; required for derepression of PHO5; transcriptionally regulated by Pho4p and Pho2p
YMR135c GID8 0.719
Protein of unknown function, involved in proteasome-dependent catabolite inactivation of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase: contains LisH and CTLH domains, like Vid30p
YPL168w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YLR252w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YPL034w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YJR134c SGM1 0.720
Protein of unknown function, required for wild-type growth rate on galactose and mannose; localizes to COPI coated vesicles and the Golgi apparatus
YLR113w HOG1 0.720
Mitogen-activated protein kinase involved in osmoregulation via three independent osmosensors: mediates the recruitment and activation of RNA Pol II at Hot1p-dependent promoters: localization regulated by Ptp2p and Ptp3p
YDL069c CBS1 0.720
translational activator of cytochrome B
YHL042w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YDR402c DIT2 0.720
Sporulation-specific enzyme required for spore wall maturation, involved in the production of a soluble LL-dityrosine-containing precursor of the spore wall, homologous to cytochrome P-450s
YER140w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YLR192c HCR1 0.720
Substoichiometric component of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF3)
YGR252w GCN5 0.720
Histone acetyltransferase, acetylates lysine 14 on histone H3: catalytic subunit of the ADA and SAGA histone acetyltransferase complexes: founding member of the Gcn5p-related N-acetyltransferase superfamily
YGR229c SMI1 0.720
57 kDa nuclear protein
YFR007w 0.720
Hypothetical ORF
YPL113c 0.720
Putative dehydrogenase
YPL046c ELC1 0.720
elongin C transcription elongation factor
YDL171c GLT1 0.720
glutamate synthase (NADH)
YMR100w MUB1 0.720
Homolog of samB gene of Aspergillus nidulans (deletion of samB results in mislocalization of septa
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