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Parameter Name:C127_A
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Unevenness of cell wall thickness on nucleus A
Definition:Unevenness of cell wall thickness on nucleus A
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ORF Std. Name C127_A
YNL224c 3.26
Hypothetical ORF
YDR350c TCM10 3.26
Mitochondrial inner membrane protein required for assembly of the F0 sector of mitochondrial F1F0 ATP synthase, which is a large, evolutionarily conserved enzyme complex required for ATP synthesis
YIL138c TPM2 3.26
Tropomyosin isoform 2, actin-binding protein that stabilizes actin filaments: required with Tpm1, the main tropomyosin, for the formation and stability of actin cables in vivo which direct polarized cell growth and the distribution of several organelles
YKR039w GAP1 3.26
general amino acid permease
YBR098w MMS4 3.26
Protein involved in recombination and DNA repair: subunit of a structure-specific Mms4-Mus81 endonuclease that cleaves branched DNA
YDR057w YOS9 3.26
membrane-associated glycoprotein
YMR207c HFA1 3.26
Mitochondrial acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase, catalyzes the production of malonyl-CoA in mitochondrial fatty acid biosynthesis
YGR150c 3.26
Hypothetical ORF
YMR119w ASI1 3.26
Putative integral membrane E3 ubiquitin ligase; genetic interactions suggest a role in negative regulation of amino acid uptake
YPL203w TPK2 3.26
Involved in nutrient control of cell growth and division: cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit
YOL143c RIB4 3.26
6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthase (DMRL synthase)
YDR157w 3.26
Hypothetical ORF
YCR017c CWH43 3.26
Putative sensor/transporter protein involved in cell wall biogenesis; contains 14-16 transmembrane segments and several putative glycosylation and phosphorylation sites; null mutation is synthetically lethal with pkc1 deletion
YHL030w ECM29 3.26
Major component of the proteasome; tethers the proteasome core particle to the regulatory particle, and enhances the stability of the proteasome
YOR291w 3.26
Hypothetical ORF
YLR363c NMD4 3.26
putative Upf1p-interacting protein
YOR092w ECM3 3.26
Non-essential protein of unknown function
YLL007c 3.26
Hypothetical ORF
YDL099w 3.26
Protein of unknown function; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cytoplasm in a punctate pattern
YDL229w SSB1 3.26
HSP70 family
YBR263w SHM1 3.26
Serine hydroxymethyltransferase, mitochondrial
YLR089c 3.26
putative alanine transaminase (glutamyc pyruvic transaminase)
YGL258w 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YKL208w CBT1 3.27
Subunit of complex involved in processing of the 3' end of cytochrome b pre-mRNA
YDL027c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YCR062w 3.27
This ORF is a part of YCR061W
YPL234c TFP3 3.27
vacuolar ATPase V0 domain subunit c' (17 kDa)|vacuolar H(+) ATPase 17 kDa subunit C
YMR184w 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YDR027c VPS54 3.27
Component of the GARP (Golgi-associated retrograde protein) complex, Vps51p-Vps52p-Vps53p-Vps54p, which is required for retrograde transport to the late Golgi: potentially phosphorylated by Cdc28p
YLR282c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YJL128c PBS2 3.27
MAP kinase kinase (MEK)|may act as a scaffolding protein for Sho1p, Ste11p, and Hog1p
YOR007c SGT2 3.27
Glutamine-rich cytoplasmic protein of unknown function, contains tetratricopeptide (TPR) repeats, which often mediate protein-protein interactions; conserved in human and C. elegans
YOR125c CAT5 3.27
may encode a protein involved in one or more monoxygenase or hydroxylase steps of ubiquinone biosynthesis
YMR020w FMS1 3.27
putatitive amine oxidase
YDR148c KGD2 3.27
alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex dihydrolipoyl transsuccinylase component
YML082w 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YJL190c RPS22A 3.27
ribosomal protein S22A (S24A) (rp50) (YS22)
YMR310c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YPR133w-A TOM5 3.27
Small mitochondrial outer membrane protein crucial to a binding relay for the import of proteins into mitochondria: subunit on the outer mouth of the TOM channel that accepts precursors from the receptors Tom20p and Tom22p
YPL113c 3.27
Putative dehydrogenase
YGR171c MSM1 3.27
methionine-tRNA ligase
YDR455c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YKL124w SSH4 3.27
Suppressor of SHR3; confers leflunomide resistance when overexpressed
YLR311c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YPL240c HSP82 3.27
heat shock protein 90|mammalian Hsp90 homolog
YIL119c RPI1 3.27
ras inhibitor
YLL017w 3.27
Ras guanine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF); in the S288C strain, there is a stop codon between YLL017W and YLL016W, the ORFs that comprise SDC25, while in other strains the stop codon is absent and the ORFs are merged into one longer ORF
YLR042c 3.27
Hypothetical ORF
YDL238c 3.27
guanine deaminase
YNL107w YAF9 3.27
Yeast homolog of the human leukemogenic protein AF9; member of a yeast chromatin modifying complex
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