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Parameter Name:CCV109_A1B
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A1B
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Neck width on stage A1B
Definition:Neck width on stage A1B
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ORF Std. Name CCV109_A1B
YIL097w FYV10 0.0984
Protein of unknown function, required for survival upon exposure to K1 killer toxin: involved in proteasome-dependent catabolite inactivation of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase: contains CTLH domain
YJR008w 0.0984
Hypothetical ORF
YCR061w 0.0985
Protein of unknown function; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cytoplasm in a punctate pattern
YMR137c PSO2 0.0985
interstrand crosslink repair protein
YDR424c DYN2 0.0985
Cytoplasmic light chain dynein, microtubule motor protein
YMR114c 0.0985
Hypothetical ORF
YBL002w HTB2 0.0985
histone H2B (HTB1 and HTB2 code for nearly identical proteins)
YBR043c QDR3 0.0985
Multidrug transporter required for resistance to quinidine, barban, cisplatin, and bleomycin: member of the major facilitator superfamily of transporters conferring multiple drug resistance (MFS-MDR)
YIL056w 0.0985
Hypothetical ORF
YGR237c 0.0985
Hypothetical ORF
YER080w 0.0985
The authentic, non-tagged protein was localized to the mitochondria
YLR227c ADY4 0.0985
Component of the meiotic outer plaque, a membrane-organizing center that assembles on the cytoplasmic face of the spindle pole body during meiosis II and triggers the formation of the prospore membrane
YHR044c DOG1 0.0985
2-deoxyglucose-6-phosphate phosphatase
YDR349c YPS7 0.0985
GPI-anchored aspartic protease
YDL079c MRK1 0.0985
MDS1 related protein kinase
YBR301w DAN3 0.0986
putative cell wall protein
YJL124c LSM1 0.0986
Component of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes involved in mRNA decapping and decay
YBR245c ISW1 0.0986
Member of the imitation-switch (ISWI) class of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes: ATPase that forms a complex with Ioc2p and Ioc4p to regulate transcription elongation, and a complex with Ioc3p to repress transcription initiation
YJL017w 0.0986
This ORF is a part of YJL016W
YMR287c MSU1 0.0986
3'-5' exonuclease complex component
YBL091c MAP2 0.0986
methionine aminopeptidase 2
YKL134c OCT1 0.0986
intermediate peptidase|possesses octapeptidyl amino-peptidase activity
YKL150w MCR1 0.0986
NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase
YPR058w YMC1 0.0986
Putative mitochondrial inner membrane transporter, member of the mitochondrial carrier (MCF) family
YNR071c 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YPR015c 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YNL276c 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YPR050c 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YDL138w RGT2 0.0986
glucose receptor
YEL018w EAF5 0.0986
Esa1p-associated factor, subunit of the NuA4 acetyltransferase complex
YOR192c 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YLR404w 0.0986
Hypothetical ORF
YNL027w CRZ1 0.0986
transcription factor
YGR101w PCP1 0.0987
rhomboid protease
YLL018c-A COX19 0.0987
Protein required for cytochrome c oxidase assembly, located in the cytosol and mitochondrial intermembrane space; putative copper metallochaperone that delivers copper to cytochrome c oxidase
YBL053w 0.0987
Hypothetical ORF
YBR183w YPC1 0.0987
alkaline ceramidase with reverse activity
YKL040c NFU1 0.0987
Protein involved in iron metabolism in mitochondria: similar to NifU, which is a protein required for the maturation of the Fe/S clusters of nitrogenase in nitrogen-fixing bacteria
YDR009w GAL3 0.0987
Transcriptional regulator involved in activation of the GAL genes in response to galactose; forms a complex with Gal80p and Gal4p to relieve inhibition by Gal80p; binds galactose and ATP but does not have galactokinase activity
YMR302c PRP12 0.0987
integral membrane protein
YDR445c 0.0987
Hypothetical ORF
YJL096w MRPL49 0.0987
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YHR184w SSP1 0.0987
Protein involved in the control of meiotic nuclear division and spore formation
YHR008c SOD2 0.0987
Mn-containing superoxide dismutase
YOR072w 0.0987
Hypothetical ORF
YPL170w DAP1 0.0987
sterol-binding protein (putative)
YOR246c 0.0987
Hypothetical ORF
YGL236c MTO1 0.0987
Mitochondrial Translation Optimization; Strong similarity to E. coli GidA
YIR032c DAL3 0.0987
ureidoglycolate hydrolase
YAR044w 0.0987
This ORF is a part of YAR042W
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