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Parameter Name:C127_A
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Unevenness of cell wall thickness on nucleus A
Definition:Unevenness of cell wall thickness on nucleus A
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ORF Std. Name C127_A
YLR041w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YLR201c 3.23
The authentic, non-tagged protein was localized to the mitochondria
YNL214w PEX17 3.23
23 kDa peroxisome associated protein, binds Pex14p
YNL034w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YMR316c-A 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YFL018c LPD1 3.23
Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase, the lipoamide dehydrogenase component (E3) of the pyruvate dehydrogenase and 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase multi-enzyme complexes
YML121w GTR1 3.23
small GTPase (putative)
YGL197w MDS3 3.23
Mck1 Dosage Suppressor 3; negative regulator of early meiotic gene expression
YMR120c ADE17 3.23
5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide (AICAR) transformylase/IMP cyclohydrolase
YOR289w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YIL028w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YIL060w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YJR126c VPS70 3.23
YBR113w 3.23
Hypothetical ORF
YLR095c IOC2 3.23
Member of a complex (Isw1b) with Isw1p and Ioc4p that exhibits nucleosome-stimulated ATPase activity and acts within coding regions to coordinate transcription elongation with termination and processing, contains a PHD finger motif
YLL027w ISA1 3.23
Mitochondrial matrix protein involved in biogenesis of the iron-sulfur (Fe/S) cluster of Fe/S proteins, isa1 deletion causes loss of mitochondrial DNA and respiratory deficiency; depletion reduces growth on nonfermentable carbon sources
YPR018w RLF2 3.23
chromatin assembly factor-I (CAF-I) p90 subunit
YIL100w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YOL091w SPO21 3.24
Component of the meiotic outer plaque of the spindle pole body, involved in modifying the meiotic outer plaque that is required prior to prospore membrane formation
YML054c CYB2 3.24
L-lactate cytochrome c oxidoreductase|cytochrome b2
YER149c PEA2 3.24
coiled-coil domain
YOR221c MCT1 3.24
malonyl-CoA:ACP transferase
YDR529c QCR7 3.24
ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase subunit 7 (14 kDa)
YJL193w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YOR265w RBL2 3.24
tubulin folding cofactor A
YMR285c NGL2 3.24
YDR458c 3.24
Protein of unknown function; green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the nuclear periphery
YDR389w SAC7 3.24
GTPase activating protein (GAP) for RHO1
YCR011c ADP1 3.24
Shows homology to ATP-dependent permeases
YPR154w PIN3 3.24
[PSI+] induction
YBL025w RRN10 3.24
upstream activation factor subunit
YDL243c AAD4 3.24
aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase (putative)
YKL016c ATP7 3.24
ATP synthase d subunit
YNL196c 3.24
Sporulation-specific protein with a leucine zipper motif
YGL214w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YGL229c SAP4 3.24
Protein required for function of the Sit4p protein phosphatase, member of a family of similar proteins that form complexes with Sit4p, including Sap155p, Sap185p, and Sap190p
YOL124c 3.24
Putative S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase of the seven beta-strand family
YPL168w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YNL136w 3.24
Subunit of the NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex
YDR249c 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YJR069c HAM1 3.24
Protein of unknown function that is involved in DNA repair; mutant is sensitive to the base analog, 6-N-hydroxylaminopurine, while gene disruption does not increase the rate of spontaneous mutagenesis
YDR153c ENT5 3.24
Protein containing an N-terminal epsin-like domain involved in clathrin recruitment and traffic between the Golgi and endosomes; associates with the clathrin adaptor Gga2p, clathrin adaptor complex AP-1, and clathrin
YNL190w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YNL269w BSC4 3.24
Transcript encoded by this ORF shows a high level of stop codon bypass
YOL160w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YPR060c ARO7 3.24
Chorismate mutase, catalyzes the conversion of chorismate to prephenate to initiate the tyrosine/phenylalanine-specific branch of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis
YPL034w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
YGR157w CHO2 3.24
First step in the methylation pathway for phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis: Phosphatidyl-ethanolamine N-methyltransferase
YOL072w THP1 3.24
YFR007w 3.24
Hypothetical ORF
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