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Parameter Name:CCV118_A1B
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A1B
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Ratio of the cell sizes on nucleus A1B
Definition:Ratio of the cell sizes on nucleus A1B
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ORF Std. Name CCV118_A1B
YBR115c LYS2 0.516
alpha aminoadipate reductase
YFR016c 0.516
Hypothetical ORF
YFR001w LOC1 0.516
Nuclear protein involved in asymmetric localization of ASH1 mRNA; binds double-stranded RNA in vitro
YHR077c NMD2 0.516
Protein involved in the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) pathway: interacts with Nam7p and Upf3p
YMR022w QRI8 0.516
Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, involved in the ER-associated protein degradation pathway: requires Cue1p for recruitment to the ER membrane: proposed to be involved in chromatin assembly
YDR192c NUP42 0.516
Subunit of the nuclear pore complex (NPC) that localizes exclusively to the cytoplasmic side: involved in RNA export, most likely at a terminal step: interacts with Gle1p
YBR258c SHG1 0.516
Subunit of the COMPASS complex, which methylates histone H3 on lysine 4 and is required in transcriptional silencing near telomeres
YBL022c PIM1 0.516
ATP-dependent protease
YDR251w PAM1 0.516
multicopy suppressor of protein phosphatase 2A
YLR061w RPL22A 0.516
ribosomal protein L22A (L1c) (rp4) (YL31)
YGR286c BIO2 0.516
biotin synthase
YCL039w GID7 0.516
Protein of unknown function, involved in proteasome-dependent catabolite inactivation of fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase: contains six WD40 repeats: computational analysis suggests that Gid7p and Moh1p have similar functions
YCR071c IMG2 0.516
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the small subunit
YIL107c PFK26 0.516
YLR354c TAL1 0.516
transaldolase, enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway
YIL167w SDL1 0.516
L-serine dehydratase
YNL154c YCK2 0.516
casein kinase I homolog
YBL067c UBP13 0.516
ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase
YKL007w CAP1 0.516
capping protein
YGR252w GCN5 0.516
Histone acetyltransferase, acetylates lysine 14 on histone H3: catalytic subunit of the ADA and SAGA histone acetyltransferase complexes: founding member of the Gcn5p-related N-acetyltransferase superfamily
YDR161w 0.516
interacts with PP2C
YHL032c GUT1 0.516
converts glycerol to glycerol-3-phosphate|glyerol kinase
YPL205c 0.516
Hypothetical ORF
YLR399c BDF1 0.517
Required for sporulation, possible component of chromatin; affects synthesis of snRNA
YDL063c 0.517
Hypothetical ORF
YNL277w MET2 0.517
homoserine O-trans-acetylase
YLR118c 0.517
YKL135c APL2 0.517
beta-adaptin|clathrin associated protein complex large subunit
YJL130c URA2 0.517
aspartate transcarbamylase|glutamine amidotransferase|carbamoyl phosphate synthetase (CPSase)
YML056c IMD4 0.517
IMP dehydrogenase homolog
YMR175w SIP18 0.517
Salt-Induced Protein
YPR191w QCR2 0.517
40 kDa ubiquinol cytochrome-c reductase core protein 2
YBR014c 0.517
Hypothetical ORF
YOR050c 0.517
Hypothetical ORF
YOL028c YAP7 0.517
basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factor
YBR130c SHE3 0.517
Protein that acts as an adaptor between Myo4p and the She2p-mRNA complex; part of the mRNA localization machinery that restricts accumulation of certain proteins to the bud; also required for cortical ER inheritance
YHL028w WSC4 0.517
cell wall integrity and stress response component 4: Putative integral membrane protein containing novel cysteine motif. Similarity to SLG1 (WSC1), WSC2 and WSC3
YDL184c RPL41A 0.517
Ribosomal protein L47 of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, identical to Rpl41Bp and has similarity to rat L41 ribosomal protein: comprised of only 25 amino acids: rpl41a rpl41b double null mutant is viable
YIR034c LYS1 0.517
saccharopine dehydrogenase
YCR020w-B HTL1 0.517
High-Temperature Lethal
YMR241w YHM2 0.517
DNA binding protein|mtDNA stabilizing protein, mitochondrial inner membrane protein with low homology to RIM2
YKL201c MNN4 0.517
Putative positive regulator of mannosylphosphate transferase (Mnn6p), involved in mannosylphosphorylation of N-linked oligosaccharides; epxression increases in late-logarithmic and stationary growth phases
YHR025w THR1 0.517
homoserine kinase
YPL005w AEP3 0.517
Peripheral mitochondrial inner membrane protein, located on the matrix face of the membrane; stabilizes the bicistronic AAP1-ATP6 mRNA encoding subunits 6 and 8 of the ATP synthase complex
YNL288w CAF40 0.517
CCR4 Associated Factor 40 kDa
YNL066w SUN4 0.517
Protein involved in the aging process: related to glucanases
YHR021c RPS27B 0.517
ribosomal protein S27B (rp61) (YS20)
YGL045w RIM8 0.517
Involved in proteolytic processing of Rim1p
YJR020w 0.517
Hypothetical ORF
YIR044c 0.517
Hypothetical ORF
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