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Parameter Name:D104_A1B
Stain Type:Nucleus
Nucleus Status:A1B
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Distance from nuclear center to mothre tip in nucleus A1B
Definition:Distance from nuclear center to mothre tip in nucleus A1B
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ORF Std. Name D104_A1B
YOR061w CKA2 19.9
protein kinase CK2 alpha' subunit
YMR194w RPL36A 19.9
N-terminally acetylated protein component of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, nearly identical to Rpl36Ap and has similarity to rat L36 ribosomal protein: binds to 5.8 S rRNA
YNL226w 19.9
Hypothetical ORF
YLR061w RPL22A 19.9
ribosomal protein L22A (L1c) (rp4) (YL31)
YOR231w MKK1 19.9
Mitogen-activated kinase kinase involved in protein kinase C signaling pathway that controls cell integrity: upon activation by Bck1p phosphorylates downstream target, Slt2p: functionally redundant with Mkk2p
YBR131w CCZ1 19.9
Calcium Caffeine Zinc sensitivity
YMR294w JNM1 20.0
Component of the yeast dynactin complex, consisting of Nip100p, Jnm1p, and Arp1p: required for proper nuclear migration and spindle partitioning during mitotic anaphase B
YOL006c TOP1 20.0
topoisomerase I
YIL084c SDS3 20.0
Functions are similar to those of SIN3 and RPD3
YPL005w AEP3 20.0
Peripheral mitochondrial inner membrane protein, located on the matrix face of the membrane; stabilizes the bicistronic AAP1-ATP6 mRNA encoding subunits 6 and 8 of the ATP synthase complex
YDL063c 20.0
Hypothetical ORF
YHR091c MSR1 20.0
arginyl-tRNA synthetase
YGR257c MTM1 20.0
putative mitochondrial carrier protein
YOR327c SNC2 20.1
vesicle-associated membrane protein (synaptobrevin) homolog
YBR084c-A RPL19A 20.1
ribosomal protein L19A (L23A) (rpl5L) (YL14)
YLR421c RPN13 20.1
Subunit of the 19S regulatory particle of the 26S proteasome lid
YHR127w 20.1
(H)igh copy (S)uppressor of (N)34 dominant negative allele of SEC4. Suppression is very specific to this allele. It has no affect on the analogous YPT1 allele. No homology or known function.
YPR068c HOS1 20.1
Putative class I histone deacetylase (HDAC) with sequence similarity to Hda1p, Rpd3p, Hos2p, and Hos3p; deletion results in increased histone acetylation at rDNA repeats; interacts with the Tup1p-Ssn6p corepressor complex
YMR216c SKY1 20.1
SRPK1-like Kinase in Yeast (SRPK1 is a human serine kinase that specifically phosphoryates arginine-serine rich domains found in the SR family of splicing factors.)
YPL139c UME1 20.1
Transcriptional modulator that acts as a negative regulator of meiosis
YBR097w VPS15 20.2
Myristoylated Serine/threonine protein kinase involved in vacuolar protein sorting
YMR150c IMP1 20.2
inner membrane protease
YDL077c VAM6 20.2
Protein involved in vacuolar morphogenesis
YGL246c RAI1 20.2
Nuclear protein that binds to and stabilizes the exoribonuclease Rat1p, required for pre-rRNA processing
YFL025c BST1 20.2
Negatively regulates COPII vesicle formation
YDR027c VPS54 20.2
Component of the GARP (Golgi-associated retrograde protein) complex, Vps51p-Vps52p-Vps53p-Vps54p, which is required for retrograde transport to the late Golgi: potentially phosphorylated by Cdc28p
YMR193c-A 20.2
Hypothetical ORF
YKL092c BUD2 20.2
GTPase activating factor for Rsr1p/Bud1p required for both axial and bipolar budding patterns: mutants exhibit random budding in all cell types
YJL051w 20.2
Protein of unknown function, localized to the bud tip; mRNA is targeted to the bud via the mRNA transport system involving She2p
YHR162w 20.2
Hypothetical ORF
YKL216w URA1 20.2
dihydroorotate dehydrogenase
YBL072c RPS8A 20.2
ribosomal protein S8A (S14A) (rp19) (YS9)
YGL067w NPY1 20.2
NADH pyrophosphatase 1
YBR204c 20.2
Hypothetical ORF
YAL013w DEP1 20.2
Transcriptional modulator involved in the regulation of structural genes involved in phospholipid biosynthesis, also participates in regulation of metabolically unrelated genes as well as maintenance of mating efficiency and sporulation
YKL159c RCN1 20.2
calcineurin inhibitor
YGL223c COG1 20.2
Component of the conserved oligomeric Golgi complex; interacts with Cog2p
YAL058w CNE1 20.2
calnexin and calreticulin homolog
YLR374c 20.2
Hypothetical ORF
YPL227c ALG5 20.2
UDP-glucose:dolichyl-phosphate glucosyltransferase
YDL075w RPL31A 20.2
Protein component of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, nearly identical to Rpl31Bp and has similarity to rat L31 ribosomal protein: associates with the karyopherin Sxm1p
YKL136w 20.3
Hypothetical ORF
YPR173c VPS4 20.3
Defective in vacuolar protein sorting: homologous to mouse SKD1 and to human hVPS4: AAA-type ATPase
YDL052c SLC1 20.3
1-acyl-sn-gylcerol-3-phosphate acyl transferase (putative)
YMR133w REC114 20.3
early sporulation protein
YER084w 20.3
Hypothetical ORF
YGR131w 20.3
Hypothetical ORF
YPR070w MED1 20.3
essential for transcriptional regulation|mediator complex subunit 1
YNL227c JJJ1 20.3
Protein that may function as a cochaperone, as suggested by the presence of a DnaJ-like domain
YDR349c YPS7 20.3
GPI-anchored aspartic protease
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