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Parameter Name:ACV8-2_C
Stain Type:Actin
Nucleus Status:C
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Actin region brightness in bud Actin region brightness in bud on nucleus C
Definition:Actin region brightness in bud Actin region brightness in bud on nucleus C
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ORF Std. Name ACV8-2_C
YEL054c RPL12A 0.493
ribosomal protein L12A (L15A) (YL23)
YOR237w HES1 0.493
Protein implicated in the regulation of ergosterol biosynthesis: one of a seven member gene family with a common essential function and non-essential unique functions: similar to human oxysterol binding protein (OSBP)
YLR150w STM1 0.493
Protein that binds quadruplex nucleic acids: multicopy suppressor of tom1 and pop2 mutations: acts with Cdc13p to maintain telomere structure
YML131w 0.493
Hypothetical ORF
YBR169c SSE2 0.493
HSP70 family|SSE1 homolog
YPL072w UBP16 0.493
deubiquitinating enzyme (putative)
YOR235w 0.493
Hypothetical ORF
YBR100w 0.493
This ORF is a part of YBR098W
YBL005w PDR3 0.493
Zinc-finger transcription factor related to Pdr1p
YLR428c 0.493
Hypothetical ORF
YJL212c OPT1 0.493
Plasma membrane transporter that transports tetra- and pentapeptides and glutathione: member of the OPT family
YHR140w 0.493
Hypothetical ORF
YMR305c SCW10 0.493
soluble cell wall protein
YOL045w PSK2 0.493
PAS kinase
YAL035w FUN12 0.493
GTPase, required for general translation initiation by promoting Met-tRNAiMet binding to ribosomes and ribosomal subunit joining: homolog of bacterial IF2
YMR140w SIP5 0.493
Sip5 facilitates the interaction between the Reg1Glc7 phosphatase and the Snf1 kinase.
YIL159w BNR1 0.493
Formin, nucleates the formation of linear actin filaments, involved in cell processes such as budding and mitotic spindle orientation which require the formation of polarized actin cables, functionally redundant with BNI1
YKL199c 0.494
This ORF is a part of YKL198C
YML024w RPS17A 0.494
ribosomal protein S17A (rp51A)
YKR060w UTP30 0.494
Possible U3 snoRNP protein involved in maturation of pre-18S rRNA, based on computational analysis of large-scale protein-protein interaction data
YHR117w TOM71 0.494
Translocase of the Outer Mitochondrial membrane, 71.9 kDa: 71-kDa component of the protein translocase of the outer membrane of mitochondria
YPR076w 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YMR087w 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YER130c 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YML019w OST6 0.494
N-oligosaccharyltransferase complex 37kDa subunit (putative)
YLR309c IMH1 0.494
Protein involved in vesicular transport, mediates transport between an endosomal compartment and the Golgi, contains a Golgi-localization (GRIP) domain that interacts with activated Arl1p-GTP to localize Imh1p to the Golgi
YNL146w 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YBL081w 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YJL206c 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YLR173w 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YGR076c MRPL25 0.494
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YGL057c 0.494
Hypothetical ORF
YOR308c SNU66 0.495
66kD U4/U6.U5 snRNP associated protein
YDR024w FYV1 0.495
Dubious open reading frame, unlikely to encode a protein; not conserved in closely related Saccharomyces species; mutation decreases survival upon exposure to K1 killer toxin
YMR111c 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YOL131w 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YKR005c 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YGL024w 0.495
YDR417c 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YOR299w BUD7 0.495
Protein involved in bud-site selection; diploid mutants display an axial-like budding pattern
YLR329w REC102 0.495
23 kDa protein containing a putative leucine zipper|meiosis specific recombination protein
YNL089c 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YIL136w OM45 0.495
45 kDa mitochondrial outer membrane protein
YFL046w 0.495
The authentic, non-tagged protein was localized to the mitochondria
YJR001w AVT1 0.495
Gln (Asn), Ile (Leu), Tyr transporter
YFL040w 0.495
Hypothetical ORF
YIR032c DAL3 0.496
ureidoglycolate hydrolase
YJR094w-A RPL43B 0.496
ribosomal protein L43B
YMR114c 0.496
Hypothetical ORF
YDR107c 0.496
multispanning membrane protein
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