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Parameter Name:C126_C
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:C
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Unevenness of brightness on nucleus C
Definition:Unevenness of brightness on nucleus C
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ORF Std. Name C126_C
YOL080c REX4 91.9
RNA EXonuclease; member of 3'->5' exonuclease family. See Moser et al. 1997 Nucleic acids Res. 25:5110-5118
YLR251w SYM1 91.9
Protein homologous to mammalian peroxisomal membrane protein Mpv17; required for ethanol metabolism and induced by heat shock; localized to the inner mitochondrial membrane
YCL058c FYV5 91.9
Protein of unknown function, required for survival upon exposure to K1 killer toxin; involved in ion homeostasis
YLR104w 91.9
Hypothetical ORF
YMR099c 91.9
Hypothetical ORF
YIL141w 92.0
Hypothetical ORF
YIL137c 92.0
Hypothetical ORF
YMR004w MVP1 92.0
Protein required for sorting proteins to the vacuole
YML080w DUS1 92.0
tRNA dihydrouridine synthase
YLR364w 92.0
Hypothetical ORF
YOL096c COQ3 92
3,4-dihydroxy-5-hexaprenylbenzoate methyltransferase
YJL123c 92.0
Hypothetical ORF
YDR525w API2 92.0
Dubious open reading frame, unlikely to encode a protein; not conserved in closely related Saccharomyces species; 26% of ORF overlaps the dubious ORF YDR524C-A; insertion mutation in a cdc34-2 mutant background causes altered bud morphology
YDL131w LYS21 92.0
YDL182W (LYS20) homolog|homocitrate synthase
YML035c AMD1 92.0
AMP deaminase
YBL096c 92.0
Hypothetical ORF
YOR298w 92.1
Hypothetical ORF
YLL002w RTT109 92.1
Regulator of Ty1 Transposition; Regulation of mitochondrial network; Killed in Mutagen, sensitive to diepoxybutane and/or mitomycin C
YIL108w 92.1
Hypothetical ORF
YMR153c-A 92.1
Hypothetical ORF
YOR242c SSP2 92.1
Sporulation SPecific
YGR275w RTT102 92.1
Regulator of Ty1 Transposition
YMR026c PEX12 92.1
C3HC4 zinc-binding integral peroxisomal membrane protein
YIL035c CKA1 92.2
protein kinase CK2 alpha subunit
YLR041w 92.2
Hypothetical ORF
YOL029c 92.2
Hypothetical ORF
YBR034c HMT1 92.2
Nuclear SAM-dependent mono- and asymmetric arginine dimethylating methyltransferase that modifies hnRNPs, including Npl3p and Hrp1p, thus facilitating nuclear export of these proteins: required for viability of npl3 mutants
YJL122w 92.2
Hypothetical ORF
YKL136w 92.2
Hypothetical ORF
YER037w PHM8 92.3
Protein of unknown function, expression is induced by low phosphate levels and by inactivation of Pho85p
YJR090c GRR1 92.3
F-box protein component of the SCF ubiquitin-ligase complex, required for Cln1p and Cln2p degradation: involved in carbon catabolite repression, glucose-dependent divalent cation transport, high-affinity glucose transport, and morphogenesis
YGL045w RIM8 92.3
Involved in proteolytic processing of Rim1p
YJL168c SET2 92.3
Histone methyltransferase with a role in transcriptional elongation, methylates a lysine residue of histone H3: associates with the C-terminal domain of Rpo21p: histone methylation activity is regulated by phosphorylation status of Rpo21p
YLL049w 92.3
Hypothetical ORF
YCR019w MAK32 92.3
Protein necessary for structural stability of L-A double-stranded RNA-containing particles
YGR038w ORM1 92.3
Evolutionarily conserved protein with similarity to Orm2p, required for resistance to agents that induce the unfolded protein response; human ortholog is located in the endoplasmic reticulum
YHL037c 92.3
Hypothetical ORF
YDR092w UBC13 92.3
ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
YNL300w 92.4
Hypothetical ORF
YMR222c FSH2 92.4
Serine hydrolase that localizes to both the nucleus and cytoplasm. Sequence similary to Fsh1p and Fsh3p
YDR108w GSG1 92.4
Subunit of TRAPP (transport protein particle), a multi-subunit complex involved in targeting and/or fusion of ER-to-Golgi transport vesicles with their acceptor compartment: protein has late meiotic role, following DNA replication
YDR520c 92.4
Hypothetical ORF
YHR147c MRPL6 92.4
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YBL029w 92.4
Hypothetical ORF
YPL234c TFP3 92.4
vacuolar ATPase V0 domain subunit c' (17 kDa)|vacuolar H(+) ATPase 17 kDa subunit C
YLL030c 92.4
Hypothetical ORF
YBR119w MUD1 92.4
U1 snRNP A protein
YJL045w 92.4
Similar to SDH1
YLR226w BUR2 92.4
Cyclin for the Sgv1p (Bur1p) protein kinase: Sgv1p and Bur2p comprise a CDK-cyclin complex involved in transcriptional regulation through its phosphorylation of the carboxy-terminal domain of the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II
YAL023c PMT2 92.5
dolichyl phosphate-D-mannose:protein O-D-mannosyltransferase
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