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Parameter Name:A112_A1B
Stain Type:Actin
Nucleus Status:A1B
Parameter Type:Average
Description:"Actin B, C or D ratio on nucleus A1B"
Definition:"Actin B, C or D ratio on nucleus A1B"
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ORF Std. Name A112_A1B
YMR259c 0.819
Hypothetical ORF
YLR109w AHP1 0.819
alkyl hydroperoxide reductase
YPL025c 0.819
Hypothetical ORF
YGR197c SNG1 0.819
Involved in nitrosoguanidine resistance
YMR188c MRPS17 0.819
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the small subunit
YBL087c RPL23A 0.819
ribosomal protein L23A (L17aA) (YL32)
YAL042w ERV46 0.819
Protein localized to COPII-coated vesicles, forms a complex with Erv41p: involved in the membrane fusion stage of transport
YLR221c RSA3 0.819
Protein with a likely role in ribosomal maturation, required for accumulation of wild-type levels of large (60S) ribosomal subunits; binds to the helicase Dbp6p in pre-60S ribosomal particles in the nucleolus
YJR145c RPS4A 0.819
ribosomal protein S4A (YS6) (rp5) (S7A)
YPR111w DBF20 0.819
kinase required for late nuclear division
YMR292w GOT1 0.820
membrane protein
YMR044w IOC4 0.820
Member of a complex (Isw1b) with Isw1p and Ioc2p that exhibits nucleosome-stimulated ATPase activity and acts within coding regions to coordinate transcription elongation with termination and processing, contains a PWWP motif
YHR022c 0.82
Hypothetical ORF
YBR113w 0.82
Hypothetical ORF
YMR287c MSU1 0.82
3'-5' exonuclease complex component
YBR028c 0.82
Hypothetical ORF
YHR047c AAP1' 0.820
arginine/alanine aminopeptidase
YML086c ALO1 0.820
D-arabinono-1,4-lactone oxidase
YPL136w 0.820
Hypothetical ORF
YDR364c CDC40 0.820
Pre-mRNA splicing factor, important for catalytic step II of pre-mRNA splicing and plays a role in cell cycle progression: required for DNA synthesis during mitosis and meiosis: has WD repeats
YKL179c COY1 0.820
Golgi membrane protein with similarity to mammalian CASP; genetic interactions with GOS1 (encoding a Golgi snare protein) suggest a role in Golgi function
YML123c PHO84 0.821
inorganic phosphate transporter
YDR420w HKR1 0.821
contains EF hand motif|type I transmembrane protein
YNL013c 0.821
Hypothetical ORF
YDL085w NDE2 0.821
Mitochondrial external NADH dehydrogenase, catalyzes the oxidation of cytosolic NADH: Nde1p and Nde2p are involved in providing the cytosolic NADH to the mitochondrial respiratory chain
YNL236w SIN4 0.821
involved in positive and negative regualtion of transcription, possibly via changes in chromatin structure: regulation of YGP1 expression: component of RNA polymerase II holoenzyme/mediator complex
YPR043w RPL43A 0.821
ribosomal protein L43A
YLR082c SRL2 0.821
Suppressor of Rad53 null Lethality
YPR037c ERV2 0.821
Flavin-linked sulfhydryl oxidase localized to the endoplasmic reticulum lumen, involved in disulfide bond formation within the ER
YOL045w PSK2 0.821
PAS kinase
YOL051w GAL11 0.821
Component of the Mediator complex: interacts with RNA polymerase II and the general transcription factors to form the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme: affects transcription by acting as target of activators and repressors
YAR035w YAT1 0.821
carnitine acetyltransferase
YJL148w RPA34 0.821
RNA polymerase I subunit A34.5
YGL118c 0.821
Hypothetical ORF
YCR082w 0.822
component of the yeast ADA acetyltransferase complex
YLR219w MSC3 0.822
Protein of unknown function, green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cell periphery; msc3 mutants are defective in directing meiotic recombination events to homologous chromatids; potential Cdc28p substrate
YNL125c ESBP6 0.822
Protein with similarity to monocarboxylate permeases, appears not to be involved in transport of monocarboxylates such as lactate, pyruvate or acetate across the plasma membrane
YDR142c PEX7 0.822
beta-transducin-related (WD-40) protein family
YHR143w DSE2 0.822
Daughter cell-specific secreted protein with similarity to glucanases, degrades cell wall from the daughter side causing daughter to separate from mother; expression is repressed by cAMP
YOL114c 0.822
Hypothetical ORF
YJR094c IME1 0.822
Master regulator of meiosis that is active only during meiotic events, activates transcription of early meiotic genes through interaction with Ume6p, degraded by the 26S proteasome following phosphorylation by Ime2p
YNL303w 0.822
Hypothetical ORF
YJR008w 0.822
Hypothetical ORF
YGR204w ADE3 0.822
C1-tetrahydrofolate synthase
YJL024c APS3 0.822
Small subunit of the clathrin-associated adaptor complex AP-3, which is involved in vacuolar protein sorting: related to the sigma subunit of the mammalian clathrin AP-3 complex: suppressor of loss of casein kinase 1 function
YNR071c 0.822
Hypothetical ORF
YLR079w SIC1 0.822
P40 inhibitor of Cdc28p-Clb5p protein kinase complex
YDR316w 0.822
YIL141w 0.823
Hypothetical ORF
YDR109c 0.823
Hypothetical ORF
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