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Parameter Name:CCV11-1_A
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:A
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Mother cell size on nucleus A
Definition:Mother cell size on nucleus A
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ORF Std. Name CCV11-1_A
YDR347w MRP1 0.165
37 kDa mitochondrial ribosomal protein
YGL148w ARO2 0.165
chorismate synthase
YPL199c 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YDR199w 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YPL086c ELP3 0.165
Histone acetyltransferase subunit of the Elongator complex, which is a component of the RNA polymerase II holoenzyme: activity is directed specifically towards histones H3 and H4: disruption confers resistance to K. lactis zymotoxin
YOR377w ATF1 0.165
alcohol acetyltransferase
YNL338w 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YPL214c THI6 0.165
TMP pyrophosphorylase|hydroxyethylthiazole kinase
YDR074w TPS2 0.165
Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase
YOL049w GSH2 0.165
glutathione synthetase
YMR279c 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YPL206c 0.165
Endoplasmic reticulum protein of unknown function
YJL124c LSM1 0.165
Component of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes involved in mRNA decapping and decay
YER042w MXR1 0.165
Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase, reverses the oxidation of methionine residues: involved in oxidative damage repair, providing resistance to oxidative stress and regulation of lifespan
YOR384w FRE5 0.165
Putative ferric reductase with similarity to Fre2p; expression induced by low iron levels
YER111c SWI4 0.165
Involved in cell cycle dependent gene expression: transcription factor
YPR151c SUE1 0.165
YBL005w PDR3 0.165
Zinc-finger transcription factor related to Pdr1p
YGL263w COS12 0.165
Protein of unknown function, member of a family of conserved, often subtelomerically-encoded proteins
YGL036w 0.165
Mtf1 Two Hybrid Clone 2
YPR073c LTP1 0.165
18 kDa phosphotyrosine phosphatase
YHR151c 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YER123w YCK3 0.165
plasma membrane-bound casein kinase I homolog
YIL102c 0.165
Hypothetical ORF
YHL024w RIM4 0.166
RNA-binding protein of the RRM class (putative)
YHL034c SBP1 0.166
single stranded nucleic acid binding protein
YCR094w CDC50 0.166
Endosomal protein that regulates cell polarity; similar to Ynr048wp and Lem3p
YBL010c 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YCL069w 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YBR173c UMP1 0.166
20S proteasome maturation factor
YHR159w 0.166
Protein of unknown function that localizes to the cytoplasm, potential Cdc28p substrate
YLR036c 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YJL135w 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YIL086c 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YML008c ERG6 0.166
Delta(24)-sterol C-methyltransferase, converts zymosterol to fecosterol in the ergosterol biosynthetic pathway by methylating position C-24
YJL181w 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YOR359w VTS1 0.166
YER020w GPA2 0.166
Nucleotide binding alpha subunit of the heterotrimeric G protein that interacts with the receptor Gpr1p, has signaling role in response to nutrients: green fluorescent protein (GFP)-fusion protein localizes to the cell periphery
YOL119c MCH4 0.166
monocarboxylate permease homologue
YGL014w PUF4 0.166
member of the PUF protein family: YGL014W
YNL015w PBI2 0.166
proteinase inhibitor I2B (PBI2)
YBR281c 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YOR107w RGS2 0.166
GTPase activating protein (GAP)
YEL050c RML2 0.166
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L2 of the large subunit
YGL252c RTG2 0.166
Protein involved in interorganelle communication between mitochondria, peroxisomes, and nucleus; likely antagonizes Mks1p, which is a negative regulator of RTG target gene activation
YCR007c 0.166
Putative integral membrane protein, member of DUP240 gene family
YPL127c HHO1 0.166
histone H1
YMR097c MTG1 0.166
YDL094c 0.166
Hypothetical ORF
YMR273c ZDS1 0.166
Protein that interacts with silencing proteins at the telomere, involved in transcriptional silencing; also has a role in localization of Bcy1p, which is a regulatory subunit of protein kinase A; paralog of Zds2p
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