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Parameter Name:A121_A
Stain Type:Actin
Nucleus Status:A
Parameter Type:Average
Description:Maximam actin patch length on nucleus A
Definition:Maximam actin patch length on nucleus A
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ORF Std. Name A121_A
YLR387c REH1 9.81
Protein of unknown function, similar to Rei1p but not involved in bud growth; contains dispersed C2H2 zinc finger domains
YNL184c 9.81
Hypothetical ORF
YOR125c CAT5 9.81
may encode a protein involved in one or more monoxygenase or hydroxylase steps of ubiquinone biosynthesis
YDR382w RPP2B 9.81
ribosomal protein P2B (YP2beta) (L45)
YLL059c 9.82
Hypothetical ORF
YCR060w 9.82
Hypothetical ORF
YFR035c 9.83
Hypothetical ORF
YNL066w SUN4 9.83
Protein involved in the aging process: related to glucanases
YPL001w HAT1 9.83
histone acetyltransferase
YPL202c AFT2 9.84
Activator of Iron (Fe) Transcription
YNL307c MCK1 9.84
43.1 kDa serine/threonine/tyrosine protein kinase
YMR294w-A 9.84
Hypothetical ORF
YDR234w LYS4 9.86
YLR202c 9.86
Hypothetical ORF
YCR027c RHB1 9.86
GTP-binding protein|ras family|Rheb
YAL007c ERP2 9.86
p24 protein involved in membrane trafficking
YHR066w SSF1 9.87
Ssf2p homolog
YCR059c YIH1 9.88
piecemeal microautophagy of the nucleus (PMN)
YDR535c 9.89
Hypothetical ORF
YHL023c RMD11 9.89
Protein required for sporulation
YDR384c ATO3 9.91
transmembrane protein
YKL151c 9.91
Hypothetical ORF
YDR202c RAV2 9.91
Regulator of (H+)-ATPase in Vacuolar membrane
YMR275c BUL1 9.91
Ubiquitin-binding component of the Rsp5p E3-ubiquitin ligase complex, functional homolog of Bul2p, disruption causes temperature-sensitive growth, overexpression causes missorting of amino acid permeases
YHL022c SPO11 9.91
early meiosis-specific recombination protein
YPL140c MKK2 9.92
Mitogen-activated kinase kinase involved in protein kinase C signaling pathway that controls cell integrity: upon activation by Bck1p phosphorylates downstream target, Slt2p: functionally redundant with Mkk1p
YPR140w TAZ1 9.92
Putative acyltransferase, required for normal phospholipid content of mitochondrial membranes; may remodel the acyl groups of cardiolipin in the inner membrane; similar to human tafazzin, which is implicated in Barth syndrome
YDR134c 9.93
Hypothetical ORF
YDR176w NGG1 9.93
Transcriptional regulator involved in glucose repression of Gal4p-regulated genes: component of transcriptional adaptor and histone acetyltransferase complexes, the ADA complex, the SAGA complex, and the SLIK complex
YIL008w URM1 9.93
ubiquitin-like protein
YMR247c 9.93
Hypothetical ORF
YBR056w 9.95
Hypothetical ORF
YOR275c RIM20 9.95
Unknown function
YJL131c 9.95
Hypothetical ORF
YLR049c 9.95
Hypothetical ORF
YJL020c BBC1 9.95
Protein possibly involved in assembly of actin patches: interacts with an actin assembly factor Las17p and with the SH3 domains of Type I myosins Myo3p and Myo5p: localized predominantly to cortical actin patches
YER078c 9.95
Hypothetical ORF
YNL330c RPD3 9.96
Histone deacetylase: regulates transcription and silencing
YER064c 9.98
mutation leads to reduction of ERG9, CYC1-LacZ, and GCN4-LacZ expression
YIL096c 9.98
Hypothetical ORF
YBR120c CBP6 9.98
translational activator of COB mRNA
YJL102w MEF2 9.99
mitochondrial elongation factor G-like protein
YJR052w RAD7 9.99
nucleotide excision NEF4 component
YKL215c 10.0
Hypothetical ORF
YKL220c FRE2 10.0
ferric reductase
YJR001w AVT1 10.0
Gln (Asn), Ile (Leu), Tyr transporter
YBR284w 10.0
Hypothetical ORF
YNR027w BUD17 10.0
Protein involved in bud-site selection; diploid mutants display a random budding pattern instead of the wild-type bipolar pattern
YOL003c 10.0
DHHC-CRD protein
YGR283c 10.0
Hypothetical ORF
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