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Parameter Name:D214
Stain Type:Nucleus
Nucleus Status:none
Parameter Type:Average
Description:"Ratio of A1 (Nuclear) to A1, B and C cells"
Definition:"Ratio of A1 (Nuclear) to A1, B and C cells"
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ORF Std. Name D214
YPL115c BEM3 0.526
rho GTPase activating protein (GAP)
YDL236w PHO13 0.526
p-nitrophenyl phosphatase
YBR021w FUR4 0.526
uracil permease
YGR076c MRPL25 0.526
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YBR045c GIP1 0.527
Meiosis-specific protein proposed to be a regulatory subunit of the protein phosphatase Glc7p, required for spore wall formation and proper septin organization
YCL010c SGF29 0.527
Probable 29kKDa Subunit of SAGA histone acetyltransferase complex
YOR022c 0.527
Hypothetical ORF
YML048w GSF2 0.527
ER localized integral membrane protein that may promote secretion of certain hexose transporters, including Gal2p: involved in glucose-dependent repression
YLR048w RPS0B 0.527
ribosomal protein S0B
YMR100w MUB1 0.527
Homolog of samB gene of Aspergillus nidulans (deletion of samB results in mislocalization of septa
YPL224c MMT2 0.527
Putative metal transporter involved in mitochondrial iron accumulation: closely related to Mmt1p
YPL050c MNN9 0.527
required for complex glycosylation
YEL009c GCN4 0.527
Transcriptional activator of amino acid biosynthetic genes in response to amino acid starvation: expression is tightly regulated at both the transcriptional and translational levels
YBR092c PHO3 0.527
acid phosphatase
YMR009w 0.527
Hypothetical ORF
YKL142w MRP8 0.528
ribosomal protein
YOR365c 0.528
Hypothetical ORF
YDL218w 0.528
Hypothetical ORF
YGL013c PDR1 0.528
zinc finger transcription factor of the Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain type
YDR080w VPS41 0.528
vacuolar protein sorting: component of vacuolar membrane protein complex
YHR152w SPO12 0.528
20 kDa protein with negatively charged C-terminus required for function|positive regulator of exit from M-phase in mitosis and meiosis (putative)
YPL149w ATG5 0.528
Conserved autophagy-related protein that undergoes conjugation with Atg12p and then associates with Atg16p to form a cytosolic complex essential for autophagosome formation
YOL143c RIB4 0.528
6,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthase (DMRL synthase)
YJL179w PFD1 0.528
bovine prefoldin subunit 1 homolog (putative)
YGR153w 0.528
Hypothetical ORF
YGL181w GTS1 0.528
Contains a zinc-finger in the N-terminus and a long Gln-rich region in the C-terminus: regulates ultradian rhythm, cell size, cell cycle, lifespan, sporulation, heat tolerance, and multidrug transport
YDR383c NKP1 0.529
YBR272c HSM3 0.529
Protein of unknown function, involved in DNA mismatch repair during slow growth; has weak similarity to Msh1p
YGL143c MRF1 0.529
mitochondrial polypeptide chain release factor
YLL039c UBI4 0.529
Ubiquitin, becomes conjugated to proteins, marking them for selective degradation via the ubiquitin-26S proteasome system: essential for the cellular stress response
YKR093w PTR2 0.529
peptide transporter
YLR067c PET309 0.529
Specific translational activator for the COX1 mRNA, also influences stability of intron-containing COX1 primary transcripts; located in the mitochondrial inner membrane
YKR016w 0.529
The authentic, non-tagged protein was localized to the mitochondria
YOR099w KTR1 0.529
type II transmembrane protein
YBR032w 0.529
Hypothetical ORF
YPL260w 0.529
Hypothetical ORF
YKL081w TEF4 0.529
Translation elongation factor EF-1gamma
YGR182c 0.529
Hypothetical ORF
YHR050w SMF2 0.529
SMF2 was isolated as a high copy suppressor of a temperature sensitive mutation in the PEP ( mitochondrial matrix protease) gene and may influence PEP-dependent protein import
YGR069w 0.529
Hypothetical ORF
YEL031w SPF1 0.529
P-type ATPase
YDL053c PBP4 0.530
Pbp1p binding protein, interacts strongly with Pab1p-binding protein 1 (Pbp1p) in the yeast two-hybrid system
YBR285w 0.530
Hypothetical ORF
YLR055c SPT8 0.530
probable member of histone acetyltransferase SAGA complex|transcription factor
YKL098w 0.530
Hypothetical ORF
YIR034c LYS1 0.530
saccharopine dehydrogenase
YNL291c MID1 0.530
N-glycosylated integral plasma membrane protein
YML022w APT1 0.530
adenine phosphoribosyltransferase
YMR201c RAD14 0.530
human xeroderma pigmentosum group A DNA repair gene homolog
YMR262w 0.530
Hypothetical ORF
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