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Parameter Name:CCV11-2_C
Stain Type:Cell Wall
Nucleus Status:C
Parameter Type:Coefficient of Variation
Description:Area of daughter cell on nucleus C
Definition:Area of daughter cell on nucleus C
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ORF Std. Name CCV11-2_C
YOR369c RPS12 0.101
ribosomal protein S12
YJL075c 0.104
Dubious open reading frame, unlikely to encode a protein; not conserved in closely related Saccharomyces species; 85% of ORF overlaps the verified gene NET1
YJL027c 0.105
Hypothetical ORF
YKL076c PSY1 0.107
Dubious open reading frame, unlikely to encode a protein; not conserved in closely related Saccharomyces species; 69% of ORF overlaps the uncharacterized ORF YKL075C
YOR061w CKA2 0.111
protein kinase CK2 alpha' subunit
YPL163c SVS1 0.112
Cell wall and vacuolar protein, required for wild-type resistance to vanadate
YGR284c ERV29 0.112
ER-Golgi transport vesicle protein
YLL049w 0.113
Hypothetical ORF
YBR009c HHF1 0.114
histone H4 (HHF1 and HHF2 code for identical proteins)
YKL162c-A 0.114
Similar to PIR1, PIR2 and PIR3 proteins
YER077c 0.114
Hypothetical ORF
YDR323c PEP7 0.114
three zinc fingers; cysteine rich regions of amino acids are essential for function
YIL057c 0.114
Hypothetical ORF
YMR080c NAM7 0.115
ATP-dependent RNA helicase of the SFI superfamily, required for nonsense mediated mRNA decay and for efficient translation termination at nonsense codons
YHR079c IRE1 0.115
Serine-threonine kinase and endoribonuclease: transmembrane protein that initiates the unfolded protein response signal by regulating synthesis of Hac1p through HAC1 mRNA splicing
YGR081c SLX9 0.115
Protein of unknown function; deletion mutant has synthetic fitness defect with an sgs1 deletion mutant
YDL021w GPM2 0.115
Similar to GPM1 (phosphoglycerate mutase); converts 3-phosphoglycerate to 2-phosphoglycerate in glycolysis
YER110c KAP123 0.115
Karyopherin beta, mediates nuclear import of ribosomal proteins prior to assembly into ribosomes and import of histones H3 and H4: localizes to the nuclear pore, nucleus, and cytoplasm: exhibits genetic interactions with RAI1
YCR026c 0.116
Hypothetical ORF
YML073c RPL6A 0.117
N-terminally acetylated protein component of the large (60S) ribosomal subunit, has similarity to Rpl6Bp and to rat L6 ribosomal protein: binds to 5.8S rRNA
YMR014w BUD22 0.117
Protein involved in bud-site selection; diploid mutants display a random budding pattern instead of the wild-type bipolar pattern
YPL178w CBC2 0.118
nuclear cap binding complex subunit
YLR084c RAX2 0.119
Involved in the maintenance of bipolar pattern
YNR032c-A HUB1 0.119
ubiquitin-like modifier
YDR171w HSP42 0.119
Similar to HSP26; expression is regulated by stress conditions
YBR195c MSI1 0.119
chromatin assembly factor-I (CAF-I) p50 subunit|negative regulator of ras-mediated cAMP induction|similar to GTP-binding protein beta subunit
YBR085w AAC3 0.121
Mitochondrial inner membrane ADP/ATP translocator, exchanges cytosolic ADP for mitochondrially synthesized ATP: expressed under anaerobic conditions: similar to Pet9p and Aac1p: has roles in maintenance of viability and in respiration
YHR094c HXT1 0.121
hexose transporter
YMR193c-A 0.121
Hypothetical ORF
YGR063c SPT4 0.122
transcriptional regulator|zinc finger protein
YPR052c NHP6A 0.122
11 kDa nonhistone chromosomal protein
YPL067c 0.123
Hypothetical ORF
YDR151c CTH1 0.123
CCCH zinc finger protein family that has two or more repeats of a novel zinc finger motif consisting of Cys and His residues in the form Cx8Cx5Cx3H [where x is a variable amino acid (aa)]
YEL050c RML2 0.123
mitochondrial ribosomal protein L2 of the large subunit
YNL248c RPA49 0.123
RNA polymerase I subunit A49
YMR143w RPS16A 0.123
ribosomal protein S16A (rp61R)
YOR358w HAP5 0.124
CCAAT-binding transcription factor component (along with Hap2p and Hap3p)
YDR077w SED1 0.124
cell surface glycoprotein (putative)
YDR114c 0.124
Hypothetical ORF
YPL181w CTI6 0.124
Protein that relieves transcriptional repression by binding to the Cyc8p-Tup1p corepressor and recruiting the SAGA complex to the repressed promoter; contains a PHD finger domain
YPR163c TIF3 0.124
translation initiation factor eIF-4B
YPR079w MRL1 0.124
Mannose 6-phosphate Receptor Like
YDR028c REG1 0.124
Glc7p regulatory subunit
YDR135c YCF1 0.124
Vacuolar glutathione S-conjugate transporter of the ATP-binding cassette family, has a role in detoxifying metals such as cadmium, mercury, and arsenite; also transports unconjugated bilirubin; similar to human cystic fibrosis protein CFTR
YNL160w YGP1 0.124
gp37, a glycoprotein synthesized in response to nutrient limitation which is homologous to the sporulation-specific SPS100 gene
YGR220c MRPL9 0.124
Mitochondrial ribosomal protein of the large subunit
YMR073c 0.124
Hypothetical ORF
YER068w MOT2 0.125
Component of the CCR4-NOT transcription regulatory complex, which represses transcription, at least in part, by inhibiting functional TBP-DNA interactions and also aids in transcription elongation: interacts with C-terminal region of Not1p
YGR223c HSV2 0.125
Phosphatidylinositol 3,5-bisphosphate-binding protein, predicted to fold as a seven-bladed beta-propeller; displays punctate cytoplasmic localization
YIL079c AIR1 0.125
RING finger protein that interacts with the arginine methyltransferase Hmt1p to regulate methylation of Npl3p, which modulates Npl3p function in mRNA processing and export; has similarity to Air2p
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