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YOR216c RUD3
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Novel matrix protein that is involved in the structural organization of the cis-Golgi. Relieves uso1-1 transport defect; golgin-160 related protein. ( links to: CYGD SGD )
Cells Grouped by Actin Distribution
A (10) 3.77% [datasheet] cell ID=15 cell ID=94 cell ID=100 cell ID=111 cell ID=139 cell ID=148 cell ID=160 cell ID=234 cell ID=238 cell ID=248
B (61) 23.02% [datasheet] cell ID=1 cell ID=3 cell ID=9 cell ID=13 cell ID=21 cell ID=22 cell ID=23 cell ID=35 cell ID=37 cell ID=38
api (59) 22.26% [datasheet] cell ID=0 cell ID=6 cell ID=7 cell ID=14 cell ID=16 cell ID=18 cell ID=24 cell ID=26 cell ID=27 cell ID=33
iso (34) 12.83% [datasheet] cell ID=8 cell ID=17 cell ID=20 cell ID=31 cell ID=44 cell ID=51 cell ID=62 cell ID=64 cell ID=67 cell ID=71
E (18) 6.79% [datasheet] cell ID=11 cell ID=12 cell ID=25 cell ID=34 cell ID=36 cell ID=48 cell ID=73 cell ID=122 cell ID=143 cell ID=147
F (39) 14.72% [datasheet] cell ID=2 cell ID=4 cell ID=5 cell ID=10 cell ID=19 cell ID=42 cell ID=47 cell ID=52 cell ID=56 cell ID=58
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