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ORF Std. Name Aliases

YOR295w UAF30 photo viewer  teardrop  CYGD  SGD
Topoisomerase 1 and RAD52 epistasis group Interactions

YDL059c RAD59 photo viewer  teardrop  CYGD  SGD
the RAD59 gene product has homology to the Rad52 protein

YER095w RAD51 MUT5 photo viewer  teardrop  CYGD  SGD
Rad51p colocalizes to ~ 65 spots with Dmc1p prior to synapsis (independently of ZIP1 and DMC1), and interacts with Rad52p and Rad55p; human Rad51p homolog interacts with Brca2 protein which has been implicated in causing breast cancer|RecA homolog

YML032c RAD52 photo viewer  teardrop  CYGD  SGD
Protein that stimulates strand exchange by facilitating Rad51p binding to single-stranded DNA; anneals complementary single-stranded DNA; involved in the repair of double-strand breaks in DNA during vegetative growth and meiosis